Suggestion: toggle voice alerts or shorten them after a week or two


after using the dash for a few weeks now and learning how to navigate it, im finding the voice alerts to be a bit excessive.

turning transparency on and off would be a good example. in most cases its obvious that the transparency has changed so this notification isnt really needed once youve got used to know which state its in.

another problem with that notification is that when somebody starts talking to you unexpectedly and you turn transparency off, you still cant hear what they are saying because the voice alert is drowning them out for another second or so.
a better option would be to either only have a voice prompt when you are turning ON the transparency, or else change it to a sound effect.

connecting to a bluetooth device
when bluetooth connects to a device you can tell its connected because you can hear the audio steaming from the device, but the then dash chimes in after a second or two to let you know its connected. if there is a way to detect that audio is streaming to the dash then there is no need for this alert. same deal with disconnecting a device, you hear the audio stop so you know its disconnected

disconnecting from bluetooth
"my audio system is now disconnected, you can connect me to another device now, if you like"
this is what i mean my excessive and i really hope i dont have to listen to this full message for the next few years every time i disconnect

maybe shorten it after youve heard it a few times? any of these would do:

  • “my audio system is now disconnected, you can connect me to another device now”
  • “my audio system is now disconnected”
  • “audio system disconnected”
  • “disconnected”
  • “some sound effect”
  • "   "

activity reports
i tried the tracking activity while exercising but i turned it off after 10 minutes because it kept interrupting the music with the report. am i missing a setting somewhere turn this off ? and do people really need to know their heart rate every 5 minutes? again, this seems a bit excessive, especially since at the time i had the app open in front of me so i could see all the stats anyway

voice alerts volume
sort of related to the above issues: a lot of voice alerts and sound effects seem like the could be turned down a notch. maybe my ears are too sensitive but the low battery alert scared the crap out of me the first time i heard it

having the alerts get shorter once youve got the hang of things might be better or an even easier solution would be a toggle between off, sound effects only, and voice alerts.


Agreed, once you are familiar with all the functions its not necessary. Implement a setting to toggle on or off.