Strange dash behavior


Hi, I have found a very weird dash behavior.
I normally use dash on my Android phone (google pixel 2 with android 8.1) and my Mac. I have to switch off phone Bluetooth to get them connected to the mac. IN the evening, I switch off my mac and get them again connected on the phone.
So, the strange part is that one morning, they decided to not connect to the phone anymore. Phone bluetooth wasn’t seeing them, but Bragi app was communicating with earphones. Not sure how this was possible. Long press for getting Bragi visible again wasn’t working. I deleted the device from Bluetooth and Bragi app was still working with earphones (which kind of connection do they use??). Bragi wasn’t still able to pair again.
After few tests, I was able to see again Bragi in my bluetooth connection but pairing was failing. Android was saying “Pairing rejected by Bragi”.
I tried different things, like: reinstalling software, resetting and resetting to shipment mode. No changes. I was in touch with the support in chat, they asked to reset manually some pins on bragi box and finally, apparently, got bragi able to pair.

I later installed bragi app, even if I do not really need it for listening music, and it is able to connect to earbuds, but bluetooth is not able to do it. To get bluetooth connected I need to force bragi to become visible and then go to android bluetooth menu and force the connection.

So, it this connection so unreliable? Not sure it is my android, it is connecting easily to all other bluetooth devices. I am trying again now while I am writing this post, but even with the phone in front of me, no bluetooth connected to the phone, not other bluetooth around, I need to manually force connection.

Any guess about the problem?



I don’t know that I can help with your issue i’m afraid but I can at least share my experience of the bluetooth connection. I basically leave my BT on on my Android N phone all the time now with the pro in my possession. Without fail, the pro reconnects to the phone when I insert them automatically as long as the BT is already turned on in my phone.

I think if I inserted the pro FIRST and THEN turned on BT on my phone I might have to manually tap the dash in my device list to get it to connect.


Hi, you’re right. But, bluetooth is on now, earphones off. If I wear them, they don’t connect until I make them visible and force android to connect to them.


At the risk if suggesting something that you’ve probably already tried, have you deleted the profile on your device. Reseated and reset the dash in their cradle and then try and pair once from scratch again to see if this helps?


Yes, it is what I did yesterday, but situation didn’t improved.


sorry to hear Stefano. I can be of no further use then. Hopefully if you log a case with Bragi support you may be able to escalate it.


Thanks for your suggested solutions @BANE.

@stefano, We’re sorry to hear about the issues. Please provide me with your Case ID so I can follow up on this issue myself.