Starkey fitting


U have a question. I have the starkey version and I would like to know if anyone else in here has it.the reason I ask because I would like to know how is there version fitting. I feel like mine feels to deep in my ear canal which is uncomfortable and does not feel safe for my ear drums. But if I don’t push our in like that then the top part hurts. Does anyone else with the starkey version experience this


Hi Terrell,
I bought the Starkey version. Mine didn’t feel uncomfortably tight at all. In fact, my left one didn’t feel as snug as it should. The right one fit perfectly. I was going to deal with it, but I figured, since I spent $500 on a pair of custom earbuds, I want them both to fit perfectly. That’s why I’m writing this in the past tense. At the moment, I don’t have them. Starkey is re-fitting them now. I suggest that you go back to your audiologist and do the same. Be sure to let them know what the exact issue is and they should be able to have the molds adjusted. On a positive note, they want them to fit well too, so there is no charge to have them re-fitted within a certain time period. On a not so positive note, so far the re-fitting is taking longer than the initial order. It’s been just over three weeks, but I think it will be worth it. I’m told that I should have them back very soon.


I have the Starkey version as well. Unfortunately I got them after they jacked the price AND had my regional audiologists start charging for the fitting session… so my Bragi’s were like $750 all said and done.

I still went ahead with the purchase because for whatever reason my ear canals are VERY sensitive and keeping any type of standard ear buds in my ears for any length of time hurt a lot afterwards. I ended up being quite satisfied with my custom Dash Pro fit… they are snug, but not overly snug. I still feel pressure in my ear canal but can keep these guys in for a long long time and feel fine (I wore them for half a day just to test). I like how they look in my ears as well as they don’t have a hugely visible profile since they have that snug fit. I’m happy to see from these posts that Bragi/Starkey want users to be happy with their custom fit and they did offer me re-molding free of charge within a month I believe, should I find something wrong with the fit. I am not at all disappointed with my purchase even though to many it seems like an exorbitant price.


Thanks for the feedback!

It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Keep on rocking it and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Your Team Bragi


I just received my dash pro tailored by starkey. They do feel very comfortable but I find them maybe slightly loose. When I did my fitting, the audiologist just had me sitting in an office chair with no other real prep. When I look on YouTube some people get the impressions done with their jaw open (with a bite block) as that apparently makes a bit more room in the ear canal and results in a tighter fit. Not sure if there is a “right way” for this…

For example if I lie down on my back it breaks the seal in both ears, the bass drops out (due to seal), then if I sit up the bass comes back in as it seals up in my ears.

Can anyone else comment on their experience with the fit lying down on their back? (So I know if a refit would fix this or not).


Hi Ben!

Thanks for reaching out, and for purchasing The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey!

Can you please send me a DM, so we can continue the conversation there.



I had this same issue. Spent weeks trying to fix them, had them “fixed” by Starkey, which did nothing. You are completely right, have them fitted with your jaw open. I did not and at the end of the day I was stuck with poorly fitting Starkey Dash Pro’s. I wound up selling them on eBay for a fraction of what I paid. Now, I just use the standard non-Starkey Dash Pros.