Starkey fitting


U have a question. I have the starkey version and I would like to know if anyone else in here has it.the reason I ask because I would like to know how is there version fitting. I feel like mine feels to deep in my ear canal which is uncomfortable and does not feel safe for my ear drums. But if I don’t push our in like that then the top part hurts. Does anyone else with the starkey version experience this


Hi Terrell,
I bought the Starkey version. Mine didn’t feel uncomfortably tight at all. In fact, my left one didn’t feel as snug as it should. The right one fit perfectly. I was going to deal with it, but I figured, since I spent $500 on a pair of custom earbuds, I want them both to fit perfectly. That’s why I’m writing this in the past tense. At the moment, I don’t have them. Starkey is re-fitting them now. I suggest that you go back to your audiologist and do the same. Be sure to let them know what the exact issue is and they should be able to have the molds adjusted. On a positive note, they want them to fit well too, so there is no charge to have them re-fitted within a certain time period. On a not so positive note, so far the re-fitting is taking longer than the initial order. It’s been just over three weeks, but I think it will be worth it. I’m told that I should have them back very soon.