Starkey customization possible after buying dash pro?


I just had my dash pro delivered. Is it possible to add Starkey customization after I purchased? Can I just pop on the Starkey tops like any other tip?

I don’t care about engraving, just the better fit.


I would like to add another question to that. Will iT be possible to replicace shell After 2 years and what about costs?


Hey! Glad you’ve had a delivery. How long had you been waiting for delivery?


I had it delivered same day by Postmates from Best buy.


Ah ok, thanks for confirming. For a moment I thought it was the first trickle of deliveries from Bragi.


Sorry to hear that they’re in stock locally before they’ve shipped early website orders. I buy enough new gadgets to know that those situations can be frustrating. Sorry to be that guy who got it same day while others are waiting :confused:


oh man, i’m nothing but happy for you honestly :slight_smile: Let us know in the performance or review threads how you find the bluetooth connection, performance etc :slight_smile:


Anyone have an answer to the question of the dash pro getting fitted with Starkey tips? I would contemplate rhat with my dash pro if it’s possible