Spotify Offline download to Dash pro


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A lot if not most people do not download music anymore, we use apps like Spotify or Apple music. Spotify allows you to download offline playlist to your phone.

Please may you look into this for the Dash Pro?

Samsung watches are now going to come out with this option(with 4GB storage, same as the Dash Pro), so it is possible.

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I’d add google play music to that list as well. However I think the ability to move music to a samsung watch (or similar) is partly connected to the fact that the watch itself runs a flavour of android.

The headphones don’t, as far as i’m aware, so that could be a stumbling block.


And it is of course.


theres a thing called the mighty player, or mighty audio, that is similar to an iphone shuffle only it syncs with spotify.
so its definitely possible.


I mainly use my Dash Pro for lap swimming and this is my biggest problem with the device. I primarily use Spotify so playlists and podcasts never get updated. Please implement this!

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I too have the Dash Pro mainly for swimming and the bluetooth is just strong enough and cuts out at the other end of the pool. I wouldnt know how to download mp3s these days if i tried.

Really need to get something like this in. Offline spotify playing from the Dash Pro!


Hello Bragi Family,

Thanks for your message, and for the great feedback regarding the implementation of offline music on The Internal Music Player.

We are always working to improve our product and it’s performance, and we appreciate interests in this process.

The Dash and The Dash Pro has been designed so that continued software updates will improve performance and provide new features over time.

I’ll forward the suggestions to the Development Team, so they can look into this and optimize future releases.

Greetings from Munich,
Kristian & your Team Bragi


Hi; any update about how to tranfer in a simple way from spotify in to my dash pro device ?

I’m really looking forward to do this.

This is really something that would be very usefull.


It’s still not possible to implement Spotify Offline usage into The Dash Pro without streaming the music from your device.

Thanks for the input, we’ve forwarded it!

Kristian - Team Bragi