SpO2 % biosensor


The dash pro uses Dual pulse oxiometer sensors.
Does that mean that in addition to heart rate , SPo2 levels (percentage) could also be shown through the app?


Initial promises were for SPo2 and temperature. Has not happened yet.


This sounds really interesting @linky7. I have severe COPD and this function + temperature would be extremely useful. It would even motivate me to upgrade to Pro! Any links to the initial promises/further info?


Hi @linky7 and @Shootn,

I’m an original Kickstarter backer, FYI. I had The Dash and now own The Dash Pro.

The Dash had SPo2 and temperature sensors in addition to HR, but I don’t believe that it was dual sensors as I recall (I could be wrong). I’m hoping that Bragi will enable use of these sensors very soon. I would love to simply be able to have The Dash check my heart rate, pulse ox, and temperature condstantly, at given intervals that I choose AND/OR on demand when I’m not feeling well with a voice command, gesture, or head nod. I realize that The Dash and The Dash Pro are not technically not FDA approved medical devices (although that would be SO awesome if Bragi could eventually pull that off, because then the device would attract use in hospitals and from people with chronic medical issues), but having access to these sensors’ data would help give me an idea of whether I’m having a problem and help track useful information for my doctor kind of like an iWatch would.

Right now, The Dash and The Dash Pro allow us to look at our current heart rate from the Activity screen in the mobile app, and it’s sort of a live view where you can see the values changing (I say “sort of” because I’m not certain how often the app is checking my HR – I think it’s live). At least when I keep the app open, I know the data is transferred to HealthKit. Sadly, it’s really inconvenient to have to open the app to check our HR when we should be able to easily request this information directly from The Dash or The Dash Pro as I described above. I also know I can’t keep the app running in the background so the HR data will still be collected while I go about my day and/or use other apps. Overall, Bragi is not using the HR sensor in an intuitive way that only requires interaction with The Dash rather than depending on opening the phone.

I realize the current Bragi OS and Pro have come a LONG way, but they’re still in their infancy. Its nice that Bragi started using other features like language translation to keep up with competing hearable brands, but I wish they’d first fulfill promises dating back to the Kickstarter campaign – one of which includes the use of the aforementioned sensors. Bragi needs to enable their use and make it possible to use in the way I described. It would help many people for a variety of reasons – be it for sports training, general health tracking, biofeedback for meditation/relaxation, etc. It’s nice to track HR while playing sports, but a) I’m physically disabled with chronic pain and don’t play the sports in Bragi’s app (they need to add other types of sports like basic walking, Yoga, using various gym equipment, etc.), and b) there are many other reasons outside of sports that people want to have access to the data that these sensors provide. Bragi should make this all possible themselves. They also need to begin allowing developers to use their API so we can use capabilities like these via 3rd party apps too.

So yeah, that’s my two cents on this matter. Technically both The Dash and The Dash Pro can do exactly what you asked – but Bragi has yet to make it happen. Hope they’re listening and can provide a road map for all of these things I mentioned regarding the sensors! :grinning::pray:


Yeah it could utilize SPo2 and Heart Rate to have an activity such as “relaxation” or “mindfulness meditation” that measures how may breaths you took (so you can decrease your breathing rate like the buteyko method and concentrate more)
Left dash: Double tapping tells your current activity status or time. Single tapping could tell your current heart rate or SPo2 or temperature and triple tapping could do something like telling you the battery percentage (since taking off the left dash and shaking it to see the color is not that optimal and using the app is not possible if you are using the dash pro standalone)