Speculations for E-use's 'New product'

Well, the transition is ongoing. The store is still not live but the site has been growing. We know that they will continue to produce the Dash Pro but they mention a new product. This is terribly exciting news. It’s great that the Pro will, eventually, be available to purchase again (let’s hope with better hardware reliability this time), but a new product is a step ahead of what I was expecting.

So! Clearly we have no idea what this could be but for entertainments sake, what do we wish for!? What would really make you salivate for a new purchase!!?


In my thaugts the ultimate hearables should have inductive charching for the earpieces and firmware updates over bluetooth. So no more problems with broken pins. Additional features would be activation of the transperency mode by teachable vocals in the ambient sound, store offline music from e.g. spotify on the internal storage and a open sensor api. The ultimate feature would be a touchless gesture control like in the google pixle 4.


I think they have a gesture control - its called the 4D menu - and came out long before Google :slight_smile:

they could easily add to those controls.


@matros: I really like the idea of removing the pins! Although, I love that proprietary 5 pin USB connection – so unique and standard at the same time! Regardless of which is more desirable, at Bragi.com they mention that the Bragi Software Suite is capable of over the air updates! Same for onboard keyword-based speech recognition! So, if E-Use decides to licence Bragi’s cool Danish/German hearware, then maybe those of us who use The Dash will also get OTA updates and keyword recognition! :crossed_fingers:

I think the new site, the news of a new Bragi Enabled Hearable and the news of hope for RMA holders are all wonderful holiday blessings! Thanks so much Bragi and E-Use! :heart:

Ps. Please finish implementing the great work on Hearing AND Comfort Tones from the Beta Ears project! That would be GREAT for a future release!

Tell me more about the project ears stuff and features if you could @Josh ? I’m aware of the name but that’s really all.

Personally folks- I might be the ONLY one to want inductive charging on the units themselves. In all my experiments with custom moulding the housings and fiddling with other materials to make the pro fit even better, the bane (pardon the pun!) of this innovation is that if you modify even a little you just can’t fit them in the charger any more so you can only do certain things and still retain usability. I get that having a plug in port on each bud might not be doable with the IPX7 rating but if the buds would magnetically attach to a flat plate IN the charger and charge in this manner (like a phone charging wirelessly through a 3rd party case) it would be great.

4D menu I’d LOVE to see the ability to turn touch lock OFF using it- since taking a left ear bud physically out of your ear is currently the only way to do this and that seems ludicrous to me. The 4D menu is the perfect vehicle to allow this feature and would be simple to code I’m sure.

KEEP the onboard storage. I never get ear buds that are labelled for swimming and water proof- yet rely on Bluetooth connection for music. Bluetooth signal doesn’t like water!! Nor does my phone like being left at the side of a public poo while I’m 25 meters away under water. Onboard storage is what makes these usable for swimming- not the IPX rating haha.

I really don’t use any of the fitness stuff like heartrate or activity tracking etc since I use my Garmin Fenix 3HR so I’m not pining after Blood Oxygenation that was promised in the Kickstarter but never materialised. I’d say I’d like Bluetooth 5.0 but the way I use my set up I never really have connection issues unless I walk a fair distance away in another room in my house, but then that’s to be expected.

I think one of the most important things aesthetically for me is to KEEP THE BREATHING! I LOVE how the Dash pro ‘breathes’ and glows. It’s unique in this…. but perhaps they could actually breath in the colour sequence which denotes batter life. From Blue down to green, down to yellow down to red. In all my units, since the days of kickstarter this has NEVER worked haha. Blue only flashes when they are charging. Then it’s always green… until they die and it’s red. The colours never worked like a scale for me.

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OTA updates via phone handset would be a solid addition. The update process was not always as straight forward as it was supposed to be and then when things moved from manual recovery updates to the Bragi launcher, it helped make things easier. but still I had situations where things did not work as planned and only because I’m savvy enough to work it out from experience I’d have hit a real hurdle.

I can’t imagine my less tech savvy friends putting up with this obtuse update process. Not everyone HAS a desktop or laptop anymore either ! OTA via phone would be a very smart move

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@BANE for me - the 4D - I could easily see adding a new ‘level’ (right now there are one) that could be customized to your liking
Add ability to control volume - louder/softer.

Another thing that stopped me from using On-board music was simply the fact that it turned off my ability to get phone calls (at least I thought it was) - would be nice if I could listen to onboard music and still answer a phone call - or get updates via the phone somehow.

I love the touch controls on the Dash Pro - albiet sometimes finicky - still some of the best controls out there.

Love the Transparency mode- would like ability to control how much of the outside world it lets in.

Agree with the Touch Lock - especially now , i am using it more in the winter (due to caps being worn) .


@BANE: The Ears (an unmodified Dash Pro with a special software that dramatically improved battery life by turning off the BT radio) were pretty cool, I thought. With an on-board hearing test similar to the Mimi Defined calibration, they had – what was for me – a crisp hearing enhancement with several modes controlled via the right earpiece. The left side controlled the Comfort Tones – a white noise generator with several modes, including ocean, rain, waterfall, focus and maybe one or two others. The interface was different with a tap and hold to cycle through the different options, with single taps to toggle features and swipes for the volumes. I keep mine at work mostly, where I use them from time to time.

Generally, when discussing feature sets, I like to focus on supersets where new features are added and all the old ones being kept or substantially improved, so as to maximize user joy and keep down customer disappointment. I especially agree about the LightGuide, which is a great, beautiful and distinctive feature. I even tried to get Bragi to hire me to write extensions to the app and OS that allowed for changing the breathing color and adding a few extra effects, but they turned me down. :wink:

Speaking of doing business with Bragi, I mentioned elsewhere that I thought it was interesting that images of The Dash Pro on the E-Use reflect Bragi branding. I can’t help but wonder if Bragi only sold time limited rights to manufacturing – Starkey’s licence was apparently not perpetual – even requiring the retention of the Bragi brand? It makes me wonder who’s actually doing the design work on the next generation device. Bragi is so tight-lipped that we’ll probably never know.

As for actual improvements, I’d like to see a move away from LiIon batteries and back to NiMH, as I think it’s really lame the way that the battery life in the former is apparently reduced by keeping it fully charged. How else am I supposed to keep my batteries?

Anyway, EarTouch is great, but I swear its accuracy could be improved somehow. Then there’s the very quiet popping noise that happens at very low volumes when the drivers seem to turn on and off in response to the low volume.


Just to add, one change that I would really like to see, though, is a move away from leather to felt or some other material for the interior of The Slide. Our vegetarian and vegan friends would really like that!

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Hot off the e-Use support site: The Dash Pro, The Dash Go, The Dash Fit and The Dash Aceire. Ooo! This vaporware is worse than System 7! :smiley:

No mention of The Headphone, however. :cry:

Is that Store link new? :wink:


I think the Dash Go is the headphone- they’ve just changed up the names a bit? I think the Aceire is their new one. The Pro is the pro and the Fit is the Starkey version I reckon.

That store link has been there for a while but i’m afraid it still doesn’t go anywhere :frowning:

My brother has retired his Pro for Swimming and bought some bone conduction ones expressly for that purpose. Do any of ya’ll know the youtuber ‘GameSky’? I never knew so many true wireless earbuds even EXISTED until i started watching his channel. So many different products there i’ve never even heard of. some with IPX7 etc… still not a patch on the dash but it’s a good place to keep the ear to the ground on for new products and possible future alternatives.


yea, ive been checking out YT vids on TWS buds for a long long time now - in fact i was going to start my own - and because I have done tons of research - I can tell you without a doubt - nothing - and i mean nothing out there compared to what the Dash Pros has/had -
Sure - they were on the expensive side - but damn - those features
Another one you don’t find on any buds I have reviewed - HEARTRATE SENSORS -
That’s right - this is overlooked a lot - the Dash Pros have a heart rate sensor in them - and it works really well .

Yes, i have seen Gamesky - other good ones are EBPMAN, EL JEFFE and finally Mike Wat for earbuds - they all do a great job of reviewing buds - pros/cons.


Ah yes EBPMAN i’ve come across before too. Excellent channel.

I’m glad E-use will be keeping the Dash Pro on their roster but despite it being a full year since the store was open, from the looks of the forum, there will be MONTHS of backlog just dealing when RMA and failures before you can actually buy units new.

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