Sounds like a Dial Tone when I use voice assistant


Hi There,

I have owned my Bragi Headphone for the last few months, and I have just noticed that when I press and hold the button for the Voice Assistant, I get a loud ringing noise. Has anyone else had this problem?

Many thanks,



I’m having the same issue.


Hi @MCRACKNELL84 and @Amadreas!

We’re sorry to hear that you have experienced some issues with The Headphone.

Can I kindly ask you whether your Voice Assistant gets activated while holding the button?

If you have been in contact with our Costumer Support Team, I would like you to provide me with your Case ID so I can follow up on this :slight_smile:

Kristian & your Team Bragi


I’m having the same issue. No case number. Dial tone rings overtop of the voice assistant after pressing and holding the correct button on the headphone. I’m using headphones on the samsung galaxy s7


Hello Conrad, Please send an email to so the Technical Supervisors can help you!