Software Update 3.1.0


I just updated to software 3.1.0 (about 45 minutes ago) and the first thing I liked about it was the battery level indicator on my cell phone (you have to be “connected” to your device, then click on the gear icon next to the dash’s blue tooth listing).
The one thing I’m extremely frustrated with is playing music from the internal memory. I used to be able to play music from the Bragi’s internal memory in about 1 minute of playing with the buttons, now I"m able to play music about 10 minutes or so after playing with the buttons. I wish I could downgrade this “update”, to me it seems this “upgrade” should’ve not made it to the public. I also ran into some weird behavior while trying to get this to work such as both earbuds giving an stereo feeling then mono then beeps while touching or pressing the buds but no audio feedback. Before this update I was in love with these earbuds and my only complaint was that I wish the tips would come in a wider size to make a better tight seal.
I hope a downgrade is posted until this issue is fixed.