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Hi Bragi!
I love my original Dash! However, sometimes it becomes dislodged slightly when I smile (which is frequently while wearing it – but I don’t mind the need for periodic adjustment.) Does CustomFit address this?

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Hey Josh, The Dash Pro is custom fit and creates a solid seal even when smiling or any other activity. Its a really special thing having one of these made just for you.


i experienced a similar dislodging with the original dash and certain head and jaw movement. After switching to a pair of Comply Truly Wireless foam ear tips, the dash now has a very good seal and does not “dislodge” at all and is much easier to put on quickly. I still want to get a pair of Dash Pro/Starkey if only for the extended 5hr per charge battery life.


I actually found that i was using FitSleeves that were too big (medium)! After switching to a small my problem is resolved. But I still want a The Dash with CustomFit Tailored by Starkey!


You’re right, Dean! I just got mine on Monday, have been using them relatively heavily since and can’t wait to have them help me rock this weekend!

The fit is excellent and comfortable – although it took a day or two for my ears to get used to. They stay firmly in place while smiling and even with vigorous chewing. The bass makes my head explode! I Love you, Bragi!


Great to hear that Josh! Keep on rocking them, and stay tunes in the community.

We’re truly appreciating your great effort here!

Kristian - Team Bragi


Question for you all. So, after having mine since last June, I always thought that when I smile and lost the seal a bit that that was normal. Am I correct to understand that this is not normal, is it? I’m talking to an audiologist for a refitting now and they said it will cost me $150 per headphone (L&R) to have them redone ($300, not including molds). I’ve read a few posts saying that the original audiologist should have taken a mold with my mouth open. Is this true? My Starkey’s seals always break when I open my mouth or smile a bit. I’d love some insight. Frustrating. Thanks for any input.


My seals are pretty tight. I can recall being aware of them breaking on one or two very brief occasions, but it hasn’t happened enough to really capture my conscious attention. I listen to them almost always and constantly during the evenings and sometimes during the day at work and almost always on the weekend, so my sample size is about as big as it could be after a week and a half.

I am only able to break the seals to any significant degree when I make grossly exaggerated facial/mouth/ear movements and even then the bass stays pretty strong. Sounds like they might not might go far enough into your ear canal – but I’m not an audiologist.

One thing that did happen to me is that I wanted an adjustment at the top in my left ear due to a small hotspot of discomfort. The audiologist appears to have ground too far down (and not really in the place that I wanted), as there is now what appears to be a crease or seam in the housing. I am concerned that the internal cavity is no longer waterproof, as after a shower or two the left side is now starting to cut out somewhat frequently as compared to The Dash. I would expect equal NFMI performance (which is to say perfect performance, for NFMI is so nifty and reliable) between the models, so I might need to have them remade/replaced. :frowning:

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Hi Josh. Thanks fo the input. Good news. After a lot of back and forth, I received and email yesterday from Starkey. Starkey had my audiologist return the headphones for repair. Starkey CS said they’d “see what they could do” but they did acknowledge that the Bragi’s are top heavy which makes them hard to mold. I think you’re right, they may not go too deep in my ear at the top which is causing them to let go and drop, thus causing the seal to break. Hopefully they fix them. I’ll report back when I get them back.


Got them back, and honestly, whatever Starkey did made the issue worse. The adjustments caused the bass to suffer. Still not a great seal. I have another audiologist who said they’d remake them for $170 but I may have to chalk this up. They still work, but the seal is just lame compared to the standard version of pros I have. Ugh.


For those that may still be listening. I managed to fix the issue on my own which is both wonderful and very disappointed. Starkey claimed they couldn’t address the issue but here’s my email to them:

"Hi Rose,

Hopefully you’re still with Starkey and receive this email.

Long story short, I had a random thought thought while passing a Rite Aid about how to fix the Bragi Starkey issue and I managed to fix it.

I bought Nexcare foam tape which is easily removable:

See the attached picture.

This really confirms that the molds too think in the areas I adjusted. All I did was affix the foam tape to the areas that were not snug and that solved the problem.

I don’t really understand why this wasn’t able to be fixed.


I’d like to think this gets rectified, but I’m guessing it won’t. Hopefully this mod helps someone else out there :slight_smile:


innovative!! glad this has helped


Ha ha! I’ll market the fix :smirk:. Starkey may fit the issue now for a fourth time. They’re letting me know…


I’ve had success using sugru to help my tips fit better. I’m curious if fitting a layer of it around the body (minus the charging pads ) and inserting would approximate a custom moulded version!


Is Sugru easily removable? I’d love to see some pics if you go for it.


mmm… I’m not sure. I think my brother has a bit of experience with separating his fitsleeze from it. if I ever get around to it I’ll surely post images


I’m researching the stuff now. Starkey did respond to me and here’s what they said:

"Hi Erik,
Unfortunately, I have bad news. Management said we will not remake these again due to their age. You have created a conforming friction fit that can’t be replicated with hard shell material. The friction fit is keeping a snug fit as well as conforming to jaw movement. Is there a way you can get black material so that it isn’t so obvious? If so, that would at least make them usable.



I don’t agree with their assessment. From the start I was told that the fit was normal and that the issue I was having was a Bragi headphone flaw that couldn’t be addressed because of the weight of the headphones. It’s sad that I actually found a fix on my own when, in my opinion, shouldn’t have been an issue from the start.

Oh, well, you really do live and learn.


As much as I get on board with your innovation… it’s a custom moulded ear phone… THE POINT is that one shouldn’t have fit issues or experiment with adding bits and tweaking like on normal ear buds. I think it’s actually awful that their service is not premium enough to recognise this. After all, you’re having to do without your pro while they repair them!

A representative from a custom company advising you to use a different coloured tape to augment your fit is appalling to me.


I completely agree with you. Pretty ridiculous.