Should I submit a ticket?


Good day all,

I recently received the Dash pro and all I can really say so far is that the sound is better than the original Dash but I love the new foam tips.

Coming off a Kickstarter Dash, my left Dash just stopped working. I had to push the left dash into my ear and hold it there in order to get any kind of sound.

Now with the Dash Pro, the left Dash sometimes cuts but comes back almost immediately. After the frustration I had with the Kickstarter Dash, I’m almost paranoid and just have a sick feeling in my gut that the left dash is going to pooch again.

Was curious to see if anyone else had these issues as well as BT. It was advertised that it got a lot better but for me it feels marginal. I have a google pixel and when I put it in my left pocket, BT connection is stable but the moment i look over my right shoulder it cuts. But atleast it doens’t cut out when the phone is in my left pocket anymore.