Shortcut (cheek tap) constantly triggered by walking



I absolutely love the feature that enables you to switch songs without touching the unit. This opens up smooth usage even with a hat and/or gloves on. For me this means everything since I use gloves for a much longer period than most due to using thin and unlined for early autumn/spring and and lined ones for winter.


The feature is triggered by simply walking! I do admit my steps are perhaps harder than what is usual due to using shoes with leather sole and heel and Stockholm is filled with cobblestone streets, but still! I guess it’s the vibration from the impact that travels up to my cheekbone and sets it off?

Right now I simply let the Dash switch to the next song since taking off my gloves and tripple tapping is just tiresome since it happens so often. Today it got triggered 5 times in a row, by 5 following steps!

Is there any way to tweak the sensitivity to battle this? Any person dressing in similar formal business attire and walking on pavement probably suffer the same problem.


It’s still in beta I think but agreed, I’ve had to disable it entirely as it actives while walking and actually cycling. No way to adjust sensitivity on our side. Just a hope that as the feature develops in further OS updates it will be more refined.


This was the reason I turned it off. Nice feature but needs further work.


i tried it for a few hours but it triggered even when i was standing still so it needs a bit or work still


The shortcut (sneak peek) once triggered while I was chewing food (some red cabbage) so I turned it off also it tends to turn off when disconnecting and reconnecting the Bragi Dash Pro App on Android
Considering the way humans move their jaws while chewing this can happen
It works with the standalone internal music player on its own but yeah it’s problematic


Also triggers when I take out right unit and put it back to improve the fit. No vibrations, no foot steps, no tapping. Not even touching the touch surface.

In short, it’s hyper sensitive. You can activate it by super lightly tapping your cheek, probably wouldn’t bother anyone if they had to tap ever so slightly harder if that means we skip all these sensitivity issues.


With me it triggers while running.


Just unable it in The Bragi App :slight_smile: