Sabbat X12 pro Battery drain so fast

\ 40x40 TREERAGANONT, Pusit

May 16, 03:52 CEST

Dear Bragi support

I got one pair of Sabbat x12 pro for couple of month. Everything working well until last week. After fully charged. I was pair with my phone and played a song as normal.

After 1-2 minute The “battery icon” on my phone that drain power so fast. From fully they became haft and then became red in 1-2 minute. Then sound warning “ battery is running out” .

Could you please help and advise me what can I do ? I also did reset by press the button for 20-30 Sec also same problems . I really love to looking forward the feedback form you! Thx.



Bragi don’t make these do they? :thinking:

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Thanks for reaching out!

We would like to clarify what kind of device you’re having. Can you please contact me directly in a DM, or just provide some information in this thread? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.