Rightie & Leftie Dash Hardware versions


As we all know, the 1st gen Dash’s BT radio implementation has a classic BT connection for audio streaming in the right-side Dash, while the left-side Dash implements BLE to connect for data (HRM, metrics, etc.)

With the typical right-handed person, the wallet, keys, etc is placed in their right pocket, while they keep their phone in their left pocket- which is less than ideal placement because of the limitations of BT propagation through the human body to the right side where the Dash is placed.

My first suggestion is that Bragi implement the BT audio streaming via the BLE connection and use NMFI to send the audio to the right-side Dash.

The other idea is to offer the Dash in two configurations - Rightie and Leftie. For Lefties, it will use the current schema since they probably use their right pocket for their phones. And for Righties, the classic BT radio would be in the left Dash with the BLE radio in the right Dash.

Either of these suggestions would further improve reliability and the ease of use for those of us who run outdoors with the Dash and use phone armbands to place it close to the Dash on their right arm- I find it hard to use my left hand to mount & unmount or adjust the phone mounted on my right arm, but which would be that much easier to do with my right hand if the phone could be mounted on my left arm if I was using a “Rightie” hardware version Dash.