Right HeadPhone do not turn on after battery out


My headphone don’t turn on, i something very strange, yesterday i recieved the notification that the battery was low, so it turn off after some minutes, and then i put it on the charger case, but only the left shows light, the right headphone looks like it died, even after a night on the charger case.

Can you please tell me what i can do?

This thing is new, i have this for two months and it looks like it died, im very disapointed with this issue.

Best Regards.


Thanks for reaching out! Can you please provide a photo of The Golden Pins?

Be sure that we’ll help you solving this issue as soon as possible!

/ Kristian - Team Bragi

I am having the same problem, were you able to get a fix?


Have you been in touch with out Support Team yet?

I’m sure we can help you solving it!


my case is different. My left earpiece works normal but my right ear pieace has pretty low sound. How can i fix it. i have sent a email also at your support email but you didn’t replied to it.Please help.