Right HeadPhone do not turn on after battery out



My headphone don’t turn on, i something very strange, yesterday i recieved the notification that the battery was low, so it turn off after some minutes, and then i put it on the charger case, but only the left shows light, the right headphone looks like it died, even after a night on the charger case.

Can you please tell me what i can do?

This thing is new, i have this for two months and it looks like it died, im very disapointed with this issue.

Best Regards.



Thanks for reaching out! Can you please provide a photo of The Golden Pins?

Be sure that we’ll help you solving this issue as soon as possible!

/ Kristian - Team Bragi


I am having the same problem, were you able to get a fix?



Have you been in touch with out Support Team yet?

I’m sure we can help you solving it!