Right Earbud wont charge and buzzing when sitting in charger



I am having issue with my right Earbud, for over a year now I never had issue with charging but the other day I placed them in the charger and a buzzing (humming noise) when placing the right bud in the case. I checked the pins in the case and they are fine. What is strange is the left one has some white noise to them. Anyone having this issue and can you please tell me how to resolve.



I would re-update with the latest software. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the contribution @124124!

Did you make sure to update both The Dash and The Bragi App?

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Kristian - Team Bragi


same issue. right is not responding at all. It is not breathing when on charger and making high pitched noise though connectors are clean and appear fine. instead the right earbud shows a steady solid color - whether on charger or not. the high pitched noise only occurs when on charger. Trying to reinstall the update does not work - don’t think the updater thinks both ear buds are in charger and fully charged - since the right doesn’t seem to be charging. Resetting them while in the case does not do anything either



Thanks for reaching out! Be sure that I’ll do whatever I can to help you solving the issue.

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