Right Earbud not working, no sound from it - Jabra Elite Active 65t

I purchased the Jabra Elite Active 65t yesterday. I have charged it in its case.

This is a terrible peice of equipment, it should work right out of the box without us users having to play around to fix it. I had Apple Airpods before but wanted to use this to see if there is something better than Airpods and I’m really not impressed.

When I connect via Bluetooth to my Apple iPhone XS MAX, I am only getting sound from my left earbud and nothing in the right.

Can you please advise some steps what I can do to get this working.

From my experience Airpods is a much smoother experience, it works immediately.

I’m considering just refunding this on Amazon and getting Apple Airpods because when we pay such an amount for headphones, or anything - out of the box, upon charging it should work.

You can’t expect customers having to fiddle around to fix something we paid for “new”

It’s insane the amount of people having problems with these

But why do you write to this forum? This is not a Jabra forum…

It’s the dead Bragi forum.

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I was wondering the same thing CHerbst - - this is BRAGI - nothing to do with Jabra…


I have Jabra elite 65t, i had open both headset both left and right buds i found out the Right bud have bigger battery compare to the Left bud, instead they increasing the battery size on the left bud they put plastic filler. No wonder the left bud by time will have higher rate to sound decrease compare to the right bud.

Left coin batter is from the Left Bud adn the white plastic filler was from the left, the bigger battery is from the right bud, then the square battery pack was from the headset case of jabra elite 65t

Spot on! And this discovery would make a lot more sense if you instead posts this in a Jabra Elite 65t forum. Please read the posts just above the one you just posted. :wink:
Just to be clear: This is the Bragi forum = the models here are named The Headphone, The Dash, The Dash Pro & The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey.

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