Right Earbud not working, no sound from it - Jabra Elite Active 65t

I purchased the Jabra Elite Active 65t yesterday. I have charged it in its case.

This is a terrible peice of equipment, it should work right out of the box without us users having to play around to fix it. I had Apple Airpods before but wanted to use this to see if there is something better than Airpods and I’m really not impressed.

When I connect via Bluetooth to my Apple iPhone XS MAX, I am only getting sound from my left earbud and nothing in the right.

Can you please advise some steps what I can do to get this working.

From my experience Airpods is a much smoother experience, it works immediately.

I’m considering just refunding this on Amazon and getting Apple Airpods because when we pay such an amount for headphones, or anything - out of the box, upon charging it should work.

You can’t expect customers having to fiddle around to fix something we paid for “new”

It’s insane the amount of people having problems with these

But why do you write to this forum? This is not a Jabra forum…

It’s the dead Bragi forum.

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I was wondering the same thing CHerbst - - this is BRAGI - nothing to do with Jabra…


I have Jabra elite 65t, i had open both headset both left and right buds i found out the Right bud have bigger battery compare to the Left bud, instead they increasing the battery size on the left bud they put plastic filler. No wonder the left bud by time will have higher rate to sound decrease compare to the right bud.

Left coin batter is from the Left Bud adn the white plastic filler was from the left, the bigger battery is from the right bud, then the square battery pack was from the headset case of jabra elite 65t

Spot on! And this discovery would make a lot more sense if you instead posts this in a Jabra Elite 65t forum. Please read the posts just above the one you just posted. :wink:
Just to be clear: This is the Bragi forum = the models here are named The Headphone, The Dash, The Dash Pro & The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey.



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@cherbst @Michael_Shelnutt Taking this slightly back on topic, as a Dash Pro alternative, what are we thinking about the Jabra 75T which is coming out next month? 20% smaller body and 50% more battery life. they’ll last over 7 hours on a charge.

$200 - https://www.amazon.com/Jabra-Elite-Wireless-Earbuds-Charging/dp/B07X9VG6ZJ

They are nice looking - nice and compact…
good battery life
BT 5.0
Only IP5

  • the things that drive me crazy are . . . .
  • Physical buttons . . . UG - why not Touch/Swipe? to me having Touch/Swipe is so much better- but they went to physical buttons…

I never used the On-board music capabilities - so that isn’t an issue for me - but I can see how it might be for others.

not sure what they can do for allowing ‘transparency’ (outside noise) in for people that exercise - that is a must for me

I would assume the Sound Quality for calls should be excellent given its Jabra.

@BANE you are a great question and I guess it comes down to - what do you use on the current Bragi Dash Pro…

I dont use Alexa - but its a nice feature …

I use
Auto-Fitness tracking - so when it auto detects I am on a Run and will provide Audio Coach for this - that is a nice feature and I like it a lot - granted my Phone app (endomondo) also has an audio coach so it is a bit redundent - but it was nice to have
Heart Rate sensor - like the above this was great to have - knowing what my BPM are during an exercise lets me know if I am in the right ‘level’ - great to have.
IPX rating - though I have never taken them swimming , i have used them in the rain / sweat and accidentally dropped them in a LAKE - thank god they still work.
4D Control - one of the handiest features every - being able to change tracks/answer phone when i am wearing thick gloves doing yard work or ridding a bike - was a godsend - great feature (no one - and I mean no one has anything close to this).

Touch Controls/Swipe - what can i say here - all of the newer ‘highly rated’ buds don’t do this - and I have no idea why not - pushing controls only hurt the ear - it is why I got rid of the cheaper Bragi Dash and got the PRO.

Transparency - being able to either turn on / off (again via swipe) outside sounds is a must - had to have that - avid jogger/dog walker - gotta have it.

Wind Shear - this was also a great feature and I use every day - outside - in the wind - having buds that can reduce the wind noise is also a must - i have other ear buds that do not do this and it is so noticeable.

Fit -what can I say - these fit great and i comfortably wear then 4+ hours a day…

I know when these finally die - I will be forced into something that will not come close to these - i will probably miss so much and have to compromise to something much less - it makes me sad :stuck_out_tongue:


So i am getting slightly interested in the Jaybird Vista -
179$ @ Amazon

but - no transparency - ug …

good youtube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wPgtKXKPPg

Agreed. Use case is interesting. There are so many features you can forget about some even. I don’t use the Auto tracking at all. My cycling mostly consists of 1.5Mile city commutes. Sometimes I have half the journey done before the track starts and after 20 seconds of sitting at lights, it stops and doesn’t start again for minutes after i start moving so it was never something I used.

Transparency is essential for me and windshield on the Pro is fantastic since my main transport is cycling. i read the Elite 65T has wind reduction… i just don’t know if that works like the windshield feature. Heart rate I have found i really don’t use. Particularly since I track my rides and such with my Garmin Fenix 3HR with built in HR monitor so I could do without that.

4D control is incredible, hands down. I may opt to turn it off for certain activities but as an option during yard work, or painting, or anything messy like bike maintenance when my hands are covered in grease it’s just the best and it’s super reliable.

Fit wise I love these and they also sit very flush to the edge of the ear and don’t sit out like big bulky units. I’ve worn my Dash pro in the ocean once but It was before I started learning to swim, I was just splashing about. In the next few weeks, I want to take my Dash 1.0 to the pool and actually try them for a swim session to see how they do. I’m excited!!

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Uggggg… here I go again whining about the fact that there is a new set of ear buds (Airpods pro) that people are gushing over (for 299!) and when you look at the only things they offer it pales in comparison to what the Bragi Dash Pros did - It truly upsets me - and yet- people will fork out 300 for the Airpods and it doesnt even offer half of what the Bragis did - just sickening…

–rant over

Totally Michael. So hard to believe that 5 years later they are STILL leaders in features. Just wish the hardware was more reliable. I think we have to hope e-use get up and running sooner rather than later and we get to see if they keep manufacturing the dash Pro in the current guise or if they release something new

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Right earbud does not work as everyone else stated. you should just sell the left earbud for half the price. Get this product off the market please!!!

what product is this for? The Jabra Elite? Wrong forum.

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