Right Earbud not working, no answer from support


Hello everybody,

I own the The dash pro and bought it exactly one year ago. The condition is practically new, since I only used it 5 times. After the headphones were left unused for a few weeks in the case and I wanted to use them, they automatically made an update. Since then I can not use my right earphone anymore. I have already tried a reset and also on the updater the latest firmware installed. But unfortunately the problem persists. When I put the headphone in the charging cradle, it lights up. But as soon as I take it out, nothing happens. I can not use the headphones. Unfortunately, I get no answer from the support. I have already written several emails and also tried to call.
Can someone tell me what else I can do?
If I am stuck, then I must try to take legal action - which I really did not want. Basically, I was very happy with the headphones.

Thank you for your help


I am having the same issues with this company.

Their support is terrible and I wish I had not purchased any of this companies products

I will be taking legal advise.


Same here Frank, but in my case both earbuds are unresponsive, they charge and breathe with no problem but when placed on my ear nothing happens . a waste of money



Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear that your Dash Pro doesn’t work - Did you update is yourself trough the computer? It’s only possible to update The Dash Pro by using the desktop updater.

Can I please have your email in order to follow up with our Support Team? We’re answering within 24 hours, so I would like to investigate it :slight_smile:



Sorry to hear that. Can I have your Case ID as well?


Hello Kristian,

Thank you for your contribution. Meanwhile, someone has reported and it has already tested some things - at least one seems to strive at Bragi to find a solution. However, I have already tested everything and it is very unsatisfactory. I dont see any case id in the mails from support (Lea)…
I’m now firmly believe that just the battery of my right earphone is broken or just in a kind of deep sleep and an exchange would be necessary. Meanwhile, my Dash is just over a year old. But they were only used 5 to 10 times !!
I’m curious when the problem was solved and will post my experiences here as well.



Hi Frank,

Thanks for providing the feedback - It’s really valuable to us!

I would kindly ask for your email used for the conversations, in order to follow up in that way :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi