Right Earbud not charging

I just unboxed my earbuds (The Headphone) yesterday. I’m having the same issue right from the start–right earbud does not charge. I see the flash while it’s in the case, but it never turns steady. Anyone else have any luck yet? I’ve contacted support, waiting for a response–will hopefully hear from them within 24 hours.


Thanks for reaching out here!

I would kindly ask if you’ve received any support yet?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I have kinda the same problem but my left earbud won’t turn on out of the box

Have you been in contact with the Support Team yet?

I’m having the same issue, did they solve your problem?

Same with mine, it was working fine, I put it away for like 5 min then I pull it back out to find the right earbud not working and the flashing light stuck at red, it wouldn’t turn off or connect even though it said that I could, then later it turned off and it won’t turn on or charge

Why would you put a piece of junk female connector as the charging connection for power. I read the way all customers describe the same issue yet the way support only mentions what is wrong once and did it like they aren’t 100% sure. Liars, they screwed everyone by using cheap connectors. When you plug in the box to charge; there are wires that are inside the bod that would connect with the plug on the wire used to charge to unit. The moment you plug in that box Your going to break these wires.
Support: you lied to everyone here? You know damn well what the problem is yet won’t confess that it’s a manufacture error and simply apologize. You took our money and then play stupid when the common theme is related to a horrible wire that bends and can’t be bent back. What a joke, the box is broken once the wire bends. Your company’s ethics must be as bad as the bs you fed all of your customers. Rip us off and then play stupid like you don’t know why everyone has the same problem. The recurring theme is you and your cheap way to make a final touch. What a joke and then lie to say bend them beck. Wow! Just shows your ethics, morals, and class,


Same problem here. Posting this 11/17/19
Right ear piece not charging which makes the ear phones useless

Im getting 5 volts dc from each set of charging pins. The problem obviously resides within the right ear bud itself not being able to take a charge. Hard to believe that the rechargeable battery within the ear bud itself is bad since I only used the device three times.
Is there a way to open up the bud itself to diagnose?

Sounds weird but after i see there’s no solution on here. I just kept playing around with it, leaving it out and pressing down on the pins a few times and it started charging again. Which is very odd, hope it helps.

Same problem. Right earbud just won’t turn on. Then when it does at random after connecting and taking of charger like 30 times it turns on to try to pair, won’t pair and shuts off again. Customer support offered nothing except to try and reset them. Well hard to reset something that won’t even turn on.
This is after 3 weeks and maybe using 6-7 times.

i have the same issue. i have this earbods for like 2 month. my right bod doesnt charge any more. anyone know what can i do?! plz help.

worked for me 2. thanks a lot.

right earbud outside for one day. then put back there. it will charge again. worked for me. :)))

I have been using the Enacfire Future headphones for about 6 months now. Since the last one month, my right earbud has not been charging at all. I cleaning the pin as well as the contact pad but nothing works. It won’t even turn on now. I see many others are facing the same problem. Please offer some substantial advice on this.

I used mine for less than 12 hours and the right bid isn’t responding, lighting up at all and it’s not even connecting to my phone

Pretty sure I’m having the same issue. The white light of my right bud turns off all the time and stops charging while the left is still on. I then try to move it around or put it in and out and it works for a few seconds until it stops again. I have literally used them for maybe 2 hours so far… The battery life is VERY short too, I don’t know if its because of the right bud not charging or if its just bad overall. I have also switched up the sides in which i charge the buds just to see if that helps but it doesn’t… I’m really disappointed cause the buds are good besides the charging issue. Is it possible for me to get a new pair or even fix this thing myself? I spent some money on them so I wouldn’t want to waste it. Forgot to mention, I have the enacfire e18 wireless headphones.

Hey, do you have to leave the i12 tws on when you take them out or do you just take em out and just leave them there?

Did you just take em out the case and just left them there or do they have to be on when you take them out

Using Juckbo v7. Same Issue, Only left side charges. It connects. then right side powers off saying low battery. It’s annoying but the only way the right side seems to charge is when you leave out the left side. Seems the case can only charge one side at a time, and it favors the left side when both are in at the same time.
It’s annoying to use that way but at least it’s not a complete paper weight.