Right Earbud not charging


I recently bought the Headphone. After unboxing it connected fine with my phone. Great sound !
After a couple of days I put the buds on for charging. The left one blinks up while charging but the right one is dead - no response at all. Need help !


I have exactly the same problem - the right bud will not charge. I measured the voltage in the charger and see 5V between the pins on the top part of the right charger but only 0 V at the bottom. My head phones are about 4 months old :frowning:Right Earbud not charging


Sorry to hear that @Rachit & @wudking.

Have you tried to reach out customer support at support@bragi.com?

They’re ready to help you solving this issue!

Kristian - Team Bragi


Yep having same issue. Right earbud not charging


Have you checked that The Golden Pins within The Charger is in the right position? Sometimes it can happen that they get a little bent, which results in The Device not charging correctly.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kristian - Team Bragi



I seem to have exactly the same problem: right headphone not charging, 5V on the upper pins in the charger, all pins are in the correct position.

I tried to scratch the contact pads on the right headphone carefully to remove some possible residue but to no avail.

Is there anything more I can do or try?




Did they solve your problem?

I have the same issue here!



Our Support Team are more than happy to help. We’re troubleshooting for possible issues in order to solve it.

Can you please describe the issue at www.bragi.com, in the live-chat section? Or at support@bragi.com?