Right dash won't innitiate connection in the charger


When I place my left dash in the charger it does the double blink to show it is connected but my right does not and now neither work at all in my ears. There is no connection sound when initially placed in my ears no voice saying they are connected. My phone bluetooth sees the dash but will not connect and neaithe will the bragi app. Oddly enough when I connect the charger to the computer the right dash is recognized but not the left. Refresh, reset, shipping mode reset and reinstall of the OS can all be done and have been done multiple times without resolution of the problem. The pins have been inspected by bragi via a picture and have been cleared as a possible problem. When in the charger both left and right breathe in unison. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work is the initial double blink on the right dash.


I have the same issue - have followed troubleshooting with the support staff, but waiting to hear back. It seems a little slow.

Did you resolve it in the end? I’m just about ready to return mine…


Was this issue ever solved?