Right dash will not charge, support is not emailing me back for months


Hoping that you can help me to fix or send me a replacement Dash.

I have been using my Dash for a long time now and have told many work colleagues and friends about how amazing it is. My Father and Uncle and even 2 work colleagues even purchased the Dash after seeing me use it for gym, commuting, while working and running.

Two weeks ago after doing some running in the gym, my dash ran out of battery. I charged it back up and noticed that only the left dash was lighting up. My right dash was still red. A day or two later the right dash didnt light up anymore. When i place it on the charger nothing happens.

I have tried charging the dock without dash in it, charging with dash in it, tried the hard reset. I even borrowed my father’s dash charger to see if it would charge in that charger but it still is blank and doesnt light up. Nothing seems to fix it.

The left dash charges fine, but the right dash appears dead. It doesn’t show any lights at all.

Please help me, I contacted support via email back on 14th August. I still have no reply from them yet.

I love my dash and really want to get it working again please. I am an original kickstarter backer.


Hi Dave,

First of all, thanks for reaching out and for being in The Bragi Family.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some issues with your device. Can you please provide your email, in order for me to follow up on the case?

Our average reply-time is within 24 hours, so I would like to investigate what’s going on.



Thank you Kris, my email is reevey.mail@gmail.com.


Thanks Dave!

I’ve reached out to our Support Team now :slight_smile:

We’ll contact you ASAP.