Right dash stopped working


I joined this forum to express my disappointment in the Bragi product. I bought the Dash in November of 2016 and had problems with the Bluetooth connection immediately. After six months of trouble shooting and waiting for an update still no resolution. Bragi did exchange my unit in May 2017. Still had similar issues but worked better. Now after updating to BOS 3.2 my right dash has completely stopped working. After 3 weeks of trying basic updates with the support team they finally told me there is nothing they can do. Basically I paid $299 plus tax to use these for just over a year. I understand there is a one year warranty but to pay that much money for the Bragi product to only have it stop working after just a year and then to be told there is nothing they can do is highly disappointing. Basically I am now stuck with a $300 paperweight. My feelings toward Bragi are so negative that I can never recommend this product to anyone especially close friends.

Thanks for listening


Hi Kory,

First of all, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had similar issues with your replacement.

Can you provide your Case ID, in order for me to follow up personally on the case?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:
Your Team Bragi


issue ID is 343790 (l hope that is the same as case ID). Thanks for looking into this. From reading this forum it seems several people are have this issue after the latest update. My dash worked fine until the update. The next day after the update the right dash stopped working. I hopeful there is a fix. Thanks again.


I have same problem also I still trying solve this problem with Bragi team Right Dash Not Working anymore after update I am waiting new Right Dash from Bragi Free Of Charge then I will use legal rights.
Best Reagrds


I’m hearing more and more people are having this issue after the latest update with the Dash. Mine worked fine until the latest update now is dead. Please keep us updated on what support team says. They have told me that there is nothing they can do and basically too bad. Kristian replied to this forum asking for my case ID but I never heard a response. I’m taking that to mean that there is nothing the Bragi team is willing to do. They put out an update that crashed my right dash but apparently are unwilling to fix it. Again please keep me updated on how they treat you. Thanks