Right Dash stopped working after I swam in the pool


While I was swimming with my DASH PRO in the pool, my DASH PRO worked in a few minute, then it stopped in a minute and it came back working, then died again.

After that I placed it on the charger, my right dash can light up but it would not respond when I took it out or shake it.

When the Dash connect directly to my computer via USB it only showed “DASH PRO L”. Now I cant use it at all.



Thanks for reaching out! Did you remember to use The Fitsleeves while swimming? It’s really important in order to seal, and get The Perfect Fit.

I would like you to provide a photo of both The Dash as well as The Charger in order to investigate further :slight_smile: You can reach me trough DM, or send an email to support@bragi.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:
Your Team Bragi