Right dash PRO with left dash NOT PRO


Hi, would it be possible to use a left dash (not the pro version), with the right dash PRO? Will there be any feature loss or compatibility issues? Thanks!


Ufff… I hope you are not audiophile… one of the big differences between the Dash and the Dash Pro is a new audio-driver. The sound is different between both generations. So even if it is possible to combine both - the result would be weird.


Don’t try this at home, kids… :wink:

Bragi’s NFMI (near-field magnetic induction, which connects the two sides) implementation isn’t keyed to the serial number or anything, based on my testing. You can go crazy and mix and match all of Bragi’s products – I even thought of going out once with a tailored pro in the right ear and a white kickstarter in the left!

The audio is a little unbalanced at that point, as @Zabaxe pointed out, but it works. You can even mix The Headphone and The Dash – although sometimes the left Headphone can shutdown if it gets a confusing (read: not supported) command from a Dash. And you’d probably loose BLE too, as I think that’s implemented in the left Dash, although I am not certain.

I’m sure that Bragi would not recommend all of this, but they did show a demo for The Headphone where two people were sharing halves – with the left Headphone up close to the right of the right Headphone.

I wonder if a right side earpiece can drive more than one left side earpiece…


Thanks for the interest!

We do NOT recommend mixing it up, as it’s two completely different products.