Right dash not working. Breathes out of sync with left

I emailed Bragi support Friday and haven’t received a response. Here is a copy of my email:


I am having trouble with my Dash earbuds. Since I charged them last, they worked with no problem. Yesterday, however, when I went to put them in my ears, they never turned on and I obviously was not able to connect them to my iPhone. I have an iPhone 7 with the most current software. Also, my Bragi‘s are up-to-date. Putting them back into the charger did not solve the issue. When I was near my computer, I plugged them in to charge. At first, the dash icon appeared on my desktop and then it disappeared. It continued to disappear and then reappear, all the while I kept getting notifications that the disc was not ejected properly. I never unplugged them from my computer. I went through the procedure to put them in shipping mode, and I also had to go through the steps to remount the dash to my desktop. Finally the dash icon remained on my desktop. The right dash turned blue once and would not breathe in sync with the left. I left them plugged into my computer all day. When I returned, the beach ball was spinning and I had to restart the computer because force quit would not work. Also, there were Multiple notifications that the disc was not ejected properly. I put them in my ears and heard a faint static sound. Now the right side won’t breathe at all and the dash icon is once again disappearing and reappearing.

Appreciate your help!

Hi, you should contact Team Bragi through the app directly, I had the same issue and I got support. It was software support.

Do that and let us know how it goes here.


Thanks, Michael! I opened the Bragi app and it is asking me to either select demo mode or pair a new device. I can’t even contact support through the app without having a device connected, I am assuming. I rarely open the app, but my dash were always connected to the app. When I tried to repair my dash by inserting the right dash, nothing happens. The right one won’t turn. Now the right one is breathing in the case, but the left one isn’t.

Hi again Rach,
Here you go: Submit a support ticket here and then let us know so we can give you additional help here. I want you to open an incident with the team first, they usually solve your problem within 2 days:

Submit a request: https://support.bragi.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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  • Uninstall fully and reinstall Bragi App and your ‘bug’ about the app not working well should be fixed.
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