Right Dash Issues Please Help!


Hi I just got my dash and I’m having some software related issues.

My headphones were working fine with playlists on the headphones hard drive when I first started them up, but when I tried connecting it to the Bragi app it said they needed to be updated. I tried the desktop update multiple times but it didn’t work so I tried the rapid update multiple times and it only worked on the right one (my computer never detected the left one). Next I tried the desktop update again and it said the headphones were up to date but they still weren’t working so I reinstalled the update after many attempts of it getting stuck on the pinhole step.

I’ve tried resetting, factory resetting, updating, rapid updating, using different cords, and pretty much anything you can think of over for countless hours over the past 4 days and nothings worked.

The headphones still don’t work. They breath in sync while they are charging but when I take them out the light on the right one turns off and its unresponsive. Conversely, the left one light stays on and I hear faint static coming from it. The headphones show up on my phone as “The Dash 25X” The headphones are completely unresponsive except for breathing when in the charger. The left one does light up when I shake it though.

Also, when I plug the headphones in the computer, in the hard drive it has some crash files in a folder titled “LOGS”
the files are called “CRASHES.BGL, and TRACES.BGL” they won’t open on my computer because they are BGL files.

I’ve tried everything! I’m a broke student and I literally spent my last cash on these headphones after losing my dongle and headphones.

Please help me! Is there anyway I can exchange them for working ones!?



Hi MF,

Thanks for reaching out, and for the details description!

Did you get a chance to reach our Tech Support Team?

I’m sure we can help you troubleshooting and solve the issue :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi