Right Dash Flashing Red


I just opened my brand new set of The Dash up and put them on the charger, the left one is charging fine. The right one after about 5 minutes of charging begins to flash red. This is a steady flash not a slow blink like when they are charging. If I remove the Right Dash and reseat it, it shows that it is charging, then after about 5 minutes it begins to flash red again.


I had this problem with a pair of The Dash just before a pin broke off in the charger. How do the charger’s DataHub pins look?

I mentioned this in a support case that I had with them for a separate issue, but never got nor pressed for an answer. Have you asked them about it? I’d be happy to on your behalf.

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(To be fair, it just might have been my fault that the pin broke off.) [blushing]

Also, what number does your Dash show in the app or Bluetooth pairing screen? I had this problem with a Dash 95.