Right Dash Died


I purchased the Bragi Dash a couple of months ago. With an item this expensive, I’m not taking a chance of going into the water, running, or anything. I take perfect care of both dashes. Charge every night, place in protective case, etc.

One morning, I put in my ear and the dash will not come on. The Right Dash specifically doesn’t respond to anything. It will not pair, turn on, anything. I tried resetting charger, the dashes, doing updates. I even updated each individual dash with their individual dash update. NOTHING!

This is absolutely the most disappointing thing as I have taken precaution to care for these earbuds only to get this. I am hoping Bragi stands by their product and can get me a replacement for the right dash or something. The money I spent may not be much to some but this was not a cheap purchase.

When I researched, this seem to be a more frequent issue than other issues.
Please help! Is this just an issue with their product after a couple of months. I hope not.
All the bragging I did on this product on social media, I will definitely express my disappointment if nothing is done. BRAGI! Will you stand by your product?



Thanks for reaching out! We stand by our product 100%, and be sure we’ll help you finding a solution.

I would kindly ask if you have been in contact with our Support Team yet? They’re ready to assist you, troubleshooting and solve the issue.

We have a live-chat section at www.bragi.com for prompt feedback, otherwise reach us at support@bragi.com :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kristian - team Bragi