Right Bragi doesn't connect

Hello, I bought a new open box bragi dash pro from Ebay in the USA and arrived yesterday to my country, im from Chile so it took 3 weeks to arrive, i was super excited when i charge them and i put to my ear nothing happened i start to read and see a lot of videos to see what happened, so theres the deal, the right dash doesn´t breath normal, when i connect them to the dash the left one flashes two times and after a few seconds starts to breath normaly, the right one breath one time but is a breath more faster than the normal breath and sometimes breaths or sometimes does nothing.

I tried everything, i tried to reset, with 2 seconds, 5 seconds, and the famous shipping mode, i plugged them to my computer, try to update, reinstall and i still have the same issue, i cant use my dash im so sad!!

Try this: