Repeating Boing Sound Driving Me Crazy


Within the last week, my Dash started making this boing like sound and stops music playback. Music is playing, the boing sound happens which stops music. Sometimes there’s a second boing and music comes back on, sometimes there are 3 boing sounds and music is stopped. When music is stopped, i have to tap the right to start music again. The boing sound keeps happening randomly, stopping music, so you can imagine it gets very annoying restarting music, etc. Finally, I take them out of my ears because it ruins the experience. I’m not sure if there was an update that caused this but I’m hopeful to get it back to normal. Thanks for your help!


Is it possible you have ‘my tap’ enabled and hit linked to ‘play/pause’? It could be registering false positives and activating the feature without you initiating it


or Might be the Virtual 4D Menu which is activated by looking down then up, Can be turned off within the control menu of the app or try re-calibration in the settings menu of the app. for me, inadvertent “boing” sounds happen most when I’m shopping.