Red intermittent blink right dash pro


I have been using my dash pro specifically for swimming; they occasionally may fall of the ear to the bottom of the pool.
I do not know if it might be related, but Yesterday i noticed that the right Dash is blinking three times in red like a pulse while it is charging. the three blinks last roughly the same time as the flash of the Left Dash fully charged. After some minutes (like 5) the right Dash stopped blinking…

I think it is failing but in general they work properly. there is no audio notification of low battery when I use them; in the iPhone battery level for the Headphones is full.

The Bragi app show both blue. I do not know the meaning of this red pulse.

Help please.


Hello Manuel,

Thaks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some issues with your Dash Pro!

Have you tried to contact our Customer Support yet? They’re ready to help you!

Kristian - Team Bragi