Recovery update files (fwthedash_br.bra, *bl.bra)

I bought a replacing Dash set and it looks dead. I tried to update with the update tool but no luck. Bragi support suggested to do a ‘recovery update’, but they have not enclosed the files. Could somebody share these files.

Hi there. I’m in work at present but I’m pretty sure I have some version of these Left and right update files on my computer at home. if no one else has shared these by the end of day I should be able to wetransfer them to you if you message me with your email address.


Thanks in advance! It is a real struggle to get the files

  • Pieter

No worries. I’ll hook you up. Just be aware it’ll likely be after 6PM GMT

I need them too, if you could send them to me as well.

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i’ve actually just found some on my desktop in work. I THINK they are the most recent. we haven’t had an update in a year and i don’t think i’d have older ones on here… Check you email for a wetransfer link.

@pjdw i can mail you now too if you share your email.

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Hi Bane that would be great!
my email is: pjdewit at me dot com

done! you should get a link in the next few mins

Is it right that one of the dashes is formatted in fat12?
The update procedure gives me a crashes.tmp file in the logs folder, :frowning:
Maybe a reformat?

No idea about formatting i’m afraid. Maybe try and soft reset them then try again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a recovery update- I can’t remember if you have to hold the reset button for 2 seconds when connected to the computer to put them into recovery mode- but I do know you have to drag the L file into the left dash, and the R into the right dash and then unplug the cradle. they should blink rapidly and when done, should slow to the classic ‘breath’.

If not too much trouble, I’d like a copy of the files too. You can email them to Much appreciated.

I also would really like those files. My email is lajoe18 at phins dot de.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Hi BANE, i bought new bragi dash pro and doesn´t work, can you send me these update files or any older version, i was reading here and i notice that every person who update to OS 3.2 have the same problem; they cany connect the dash or use them…

my email:

@RickS @Lajoe18 Hey guys. I’ll get the 3.2 firmware off to you by wetransfer in a second here.

@Ricardo_Dalli I MIGHT have some old files back home. I used to unzip them into a folder with the version name so if I have anything older than 3.2 I’ll sent it to you.

For anyone missing the old Rapid update instructions and firmware files- here’s the new page on the e-use site