Received Faulty Device - Bragi Refuse to Replace?


I just received a brand new Dash Pro a few days ago. I immediately noticed a distinct and annoying white noise in the left ear. I raised a support request, and after some back forth I am being told that I can’t get a replacement and if I want a refund I have to pay for return shipping!

I live in Australia and paid almost $500 AUD for these headphones. A ridiculous amount of money. The expectation would be that I would receive a premium product as advertised, with the customer service to back it up. This is completely unfair as I will lose like $50 just to get this returned and have nothing but heartache to show for it.

Is this what is to be expected from Bragi?


That is not good and should not be the case. I hope someone can escalate this.
You have the right to request money back or replacement.

can you check the shop rules?


Definitely check this again with then. @mason has confirmed here that the units have a 2 year hardware warranty and if you’re part of the people who had waited months for your device Bragi have extended this by a further 6 months.
Maybe something got lost in translation but definitely check this and cite your warranty period.

Good luck


hey thanks for the reply @BANE and @JimmyKane. Much appreciated!

So I got a response saying that now they will allow replacement but I have to pay for shipping! Also that that reason changed from being "“There is always a background hiss in electronic devices” to “Your unit might not be faulty because this could be that your ear is just more sensitive to that specific noise.”

It’s interesting you say people get an extended warranty by 6 months, my wife was not offered this.

I decided to spell out the full story here in the hope I would get a proper response and a fair result. I just want what I paid for, without paying more for it.


Hey @Mason please solve this.


Ping me it it does not happen


Hey @sweepy84,

I’ve just come across this thread. Just to clarify quickly, all customers who purchased the Dash Pro directly from the Bragi webshop, and did not receive their order within the estimated deliver time had their warranties extended by 6 months.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to receive a replacement, especially if there is a fault with the unit. I will look into this matter myself and handle it personally. It would be great if you could also just drop me a small email to my direct email:

Thanks to @BANE, and @JimmyKane for tagging me and calling this out.

We’ll get this sorted ASAP.



Quick update here.

I found your support ticket and have replied myself.

We’ll get this resolved for you tomorrow!



Wonderful service.thanks for this Mason.

I’ve personally had to return a few dash 1.0 units for hardware issues over the years and support have always been helpful and after a directed troubleshooting process, happy to help me resolve by replacement. When I read the OP I knew something didn’t fit with my good experiences !


Thank you @Mason for your support. I just received another dash and while the white noise is still there it is much more bearable than the previous device.

thanks again


Hi @Mason - I have been trying to get in contact with support for almost 2 weeks now but have not been receiving any response and so I thought to come here and reach out. Can you please check my request?


Hey there!

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

This sounds quite odd, as our email support response time is less than 2 days, as it usually is.

I have forwarded this on to the managers of the CS team, and they will get back to you later today.

All the best!



Hi There, Hi Mason,

I had exactly the same problem with the left earbud. I got my first Dash Pro in October (4 month after order). While trying out the Dash Pro I realized the pink (or white) noise in the left earbud and also some drop outs or clicks.
So I contacted the support. After one week of doing all what the support said I got an RMA. Perfect I thought.
Today I got them. It needed almost 2 months for a new Dash Pro !!. And what happened ?
Exact the SAME PROBLEM !!

So it must be a construction (circuit design) problem. I guess the wireless connection from the right to the left earbud is bandwidth (bitrate) reduced and they compensate it with pink or white noise.
I learned such tricks in my studies. I’am a studied sound engineer with diploma (germany).

I must say i’m really disappointed of the product.
A work around is maybe to add some pink noise on the right channel of the music :slight_smile: so it is at least the same sixties sound quality on both sides.

I don’t know what I should do yet. Maybe I use it as a gift for some else (with not so good ears) or use them only for my sport activities.

But maybe I’m totally wrong and the replacement is faulty as well. (but I don’t think so)
Mason, do you have a german phone number of a developer ?
Than I can verifying my theory.

All the best



Hi @simonspillner, Greetings from Mason.

We would like to look into this case. Can you kindly provide me with your email?

We’ll forward your unit to the Development Departure, so we can look into this and give you back a report.

Furthermore, We’ll test your unit and replace it if it’s a broken one!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Kristian,

Oh yes of course.




Thanks Simon!

You’ll hear back from os.



I have had the same problem with the left earphone. I am posting on this forum because Customer Service has stopped responding to my requests to deal with this. With my first pair the left earpiece would not pair at all. I sent it back at their expense and received another pair that worked for a day and then had the same problem with the left earpiece not pairing. They sent me a receipt for the return waybill but not the actual shipping label. It has been weeks now and nobody is responding to my emails or queries sent through the web form. Is there a phone number? The product is under warranty and there is no way I should be required to send it to Hong Kong at my own expense. Please respond.



Thanks for reaching out. Be sure to check your spam folder, as we’re responding within 24 hours usually! :slight_smile:

Can you please provide your Case ID so I can follow up personally on the case?

Thanks in advance!

// Kristian Team Bragi


Thanks for the response. Case number is 323280. When u respond to my email I will know.


Thanks for providing! Our Support Team will get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.

// Kristian Team Bragi