Question about RMA



If I will be eligible for RMA of the original Dash now, will I get the Dash Pro or still the original Dash as a replacement ?



I just asked this question in an email and got the reply that they will repair your unit or send a replacement of the same kind. I.e no Pro.


I’m just wondering if its not better for them to send a Pro instead of original. It will be my second RMA, maybe it will cost them less to send the improved version instead (if it is also considered more reliable). Also I could use the better BT connection and the foam tips.


Ask them nicely and of course offer to pay the difference between the two versions and hope.


Im not gonna put down more money if I already have RMAd twice. This should be on their behalf, unless they want to RMA till the end of time like this…


Get money back, order the new one.