Purple blinking on left dash

After problems with pairing left dash stop working and now wehen i put it on the charger it blinks in purple. Anyone out there that happened this? Help please=

Thank you so much

i’ve never in my life with the dash seen a purple light!? Sorry. Have you reported this to the support team. The quicker you get your ticket in the better I reckon

You know, I once and only one time in my entire 2 years of ownership, woke-up one morning to a purple LED color on the right LightGuide of The Dash. As soon as I un-nested it from The Charger and re-nested it, it started breathing the usual Bragi shade of blue. I wish I had taken a photo – I was sure that no one would believe me! It was especially disappointing, actually, because that is one of the two colors that I wish I could choose for the LightGuide’s light feedback mode. (The other being red.)

I’ve seen some other unusual behaviors from the LightGuide over the years, but they are always resolved by a refresh in The Charger, when it came to that.

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