Purchased for my dad. Just found out they never worked

Me n my siblings purchased the dash for my dad a couple years ago. They were very expensive at that time and had just come out.

I asked my dad how they were recently and just found out he never actually got them to work once. He doesnt know how to update them on the internet.

Fast forward. I spent the last 3 days trying to fix these and havent got them to connect a single time. I dont even hear the sound it supposed to make.

Bragi refuses to compensate me for this. It is absolutely ridiculous how you can sell such a broken product for so much money. How are these people still in business?

To be honest jms, it is way past any warranty period. so you really should have had someone look into why these were not working in the first place.
Expecting someone to compensate you for something over 2 years old is asking a bit much - especially with Tech gadgets.

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Thats not the point. They sold me a product that doesnt work and my old dad didnt know any better so he just threw them in a shoe box. All i see on their website is people complaining about the product not working. What a piece of sht company.

Sorry you feel that way.

I’ve been nothing but completely happy with my dash pros and the customer support that they provided.

When people are happy , they rarely come to a website to say how happy they are, which is why you only see complaints here.

Just as i thought. Bragi is shutting down its earbud business bc it failed so miserably. They are no better than a scammer calling to steal your money. It was a long term play and they got my money.

Tried this?