Purchased Dash Pro & noticed it came with a Original Dash charger


Been having charging issues with my new dash & I’m assuming it’s the incorrect charger packaged with my new Bragi Dash Pro’s. :cry:
What do I do?


What kind of charging issues Poppa?


My friends charger says the dash pro and model number. Mine says the dash & older model number


I have checked and can confirm that my dash pro charger is also labelled ‘dash pro’.

If I recall correctly the pro doesn’t charge at all in the Dash dock. Could be you got an incorrectly bundled case. Have you been in touch with support yet to highlight ?



Hi! We’re really sorry to hear that this has happened.

Do you have a Case ID number from the Support Team so I can follow up on this personally?



issue ID is 300860

They Basically said it’s not possible yet it happened. I submitted everything asked of me. I’m willing to even pay for a replacement. Please if you can help just sell me a replacement charger for my Dash Pros. Thanks


Any luck / info yet?


I can see that the Team have replied your messages!

You can just continue the conversation there :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi