Popping sound in left ear


I have two problems with my Dash by Starkey

I have already replaced one pair for the popping sound

Problem #1

the left ear piece has a popping sound

this is Bragi’s reply

The reason for the intermittent cutouts with The Left Dash are depending on the NFMI connection. As you might know Bragi OS is able to regulate the NFMI connection. Since Bragi OS 3, there seems to be some units where the NFMI connection was cut down too much in order to improve other features stability.

Some units what does this mean? When will the problem be fixed?

Problem # 2
today my Dash died
not sound or connection at all
Bragi support spent and hour trouble shooting and no fix
so now I have to get a new pair made takes about 3 to 4 weeks
Not happy at all

Bragi what are you doing about these hardware and software issue

Thank you