Poor service - waiting the replacement for more than 6 months

i had issue with the dash and was instructed to fill out the RMA form and send the unit back to Bragi at my cost on 28-Sept-2018.

Over the months they kept telling me the unit is out of stock but reassured me many times that i will get the replacement. After i chase for many times, they finally said they are not manufacturing the Dash anymore, but will assemble a unit for me in Germany.

At last, they said the unit is ready to ship to me and asked my address on 4th March 2019. But I received nothing after 2 weeks and i’ve sent emails to check the status but no reply nor any response from support.

It’s so frustrated that they just can’t do anything that they assured thousand times and the case was unresolved more than 6 months. Really bad service … from a very disappointed customer.

RMA 300018082

Hi Cora,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m really sorry to hear about the issues. I’ve just checked your case, and contacted the Aftersales Team in order to get a status! :slight_smile:

I’ll come back to you directly once I have any news. Thanks for the patience, it’s much appreciated.

Kristian - Team Bragi

hey kristian, how’s your investigation after a week? looking forward to hear something good from you…

Hi Kristian,

Can I verify Cora’s claims on the Dash Pro being no longer in production? If the claims are true, can I believe that Bragi CS has been lying to me all this while on logistical issue when the actual fact is that the unit is no longer in production and they have nothing to replace for me? Hence, won’t Bragi’s actions to me count as deception, and that everything is a lie to keep us consumers waiting indefinitely?

Kristian, keeping customer informed on the progress is the basic of the customer service. Despite the replacement, I think this is the least you can do. The last email update from bragi support was one month ago.

…and there is at the moment no prominent mentioning on the homepage…

Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me here on Team Bragi!

As you might know, we confirm that the product business (The Dash Pro and The Headphone) has
been acquired by a 3rd party company which will carry on with the brand, product and customer support.

We’re currently working hard to ensure a smooth transition for all existing customers. Be sure that we’ll let you know once we have any updates for you :slight_smile:

Read the press release here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0078/8955/1475/files/20190402_Bragi_Smart_Headphones.pdf

This is new news, I was on the site and wondering why it was sold out with no coming soon. The company you merged with has no website, or any kind of support. I would love to get another pair as mine are obviously dead but from other posts it seems repair-ability support is non existent so that puts a damper on my plans.

Joe, from what i’ve read the new acquirers will continue to produce the Dash pro as well as take over legacy support issues. So that should be honoured- the only problem is everyone has been waiting MONTHS already for replacements and we still don’t have a time line for the transition

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i don’t know if this is a new trick from Bragi support or not.

i received an email on 23-April saying that the replaced unit is shipped out via UPS to me; tracking number is 23/04/2019 11:45 1Z799Y436703562170
however, after 10 days, the latest activity is still ‘Order Processed: Ready for UPS’.

According to UPS, What does “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” mean?
UPS has received the electronic transmission of the shipment details and billing information for this shipment from the sender. Once the shipment is moving within the UPS network, the tracking status will be updated.

I email bragi support what caused the 10 days delay sending to unit to UPS, and the reply is " it should truly be shipped out in the coming days"

And today, i received another email with another tracking number: 03/05/2019 12:07 1Z799Y436739113294; with the same status - Ready for UPS.

it’s so frustrated and annoying, what’s going on??

Hi Cora,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve just contacted the Logistic Manager to check out the case. I’ll get back to you in DM asap :slight_smile:

Thanks for the patience.

this is my final update here…

i’ve received the refurbished unit on yesterday… after waiting for 7 months.


Damn Cora, that’s wild…

Thank goodness you have it now and here’s hoping it’s a solid unit this time for you. Let us know how you’re getting on with it.

Hi Cora,

We can’t thank you enough for the patience, it really means a lot to us!

Just contact me directly here if there’s anything.

All the best,
Kristian - Team Bragi

Hi - I’ve been experiencing similar issues. I’ve been waiting since February for an update on repairing my in-warranty Dash Pros. I’ve been messed around for months and still haven’t had an update. I’ve always had to chase to check the status and I get the same reply that I have to wait for a couple more weeks. Really disappointed.


I’m sorry it took so long to get your replacement, but happy that you now have it. Can you provide us with any other information? Who was the shipper? You said the item was refurbished… how can you tell? What kind of packaging did it come in? Anything else we might want to know?

Kind regards,

Hello everybody,

I also been waiting for the replacement of my right-hand Dash Pro headphones since March 2019. I’m always just put off, that Bragi was integrated into another company …
It is not a good testimony that takes so long and the technology of the headphones is getting older every day and I can not use the headphones for half a year … What is this? Should I buy a few for 300 euros?
It’s a joke that you can not get it out of a warranty case within half a year.
I will wait another 6 weeks and then go public with it.

It should all report, who are the same. I think there are many more users who have the same problem. Do not let that please you and do not let it stop you!

many Greetings

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