Poor service - waiting the replacement for more than 6 months


i had issue with the dash and was instructed to fill out the RMA form and send the unit back to Bragi at my cost on 28-Sept-2018.

Over the months they kept telling me the unit is out of stock but reassured me many times that i will get the replacement. After i chase for many times, they finally said they are not manufacturing the Dash anymore, but will assemble a unit for me in Germany.

At last, they said the unit is ready to ship to me and asked my address on 4th March 2019. But I received nothing after 2 weeks and i’ve sent emails to check the status but no reply nor any response from support.

It’s so frustrated that they just can’t do anything that they assured thousand times and the case was unresolved more than 6 months. Really bad service … from a very disappointed customer.

RMA 300018082


Hi Cora,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m really sorry to hear about the issues. I’ve just checked your case, and contacted the Aftersales Team in order to get a status! :slight_smile:

I’ll come back to you directly once I have any news. Thanks for the patience, it’s much appreciated.

Kristian - Team Bragi


hey kristian, how’s your investigation after a week? looking forward to hear something good from you…


Hi Kristian,

Can I verify Cora’s claims on the Dash Pro being no longer in production? If the claims are true, can I believe that Bragi CS has been lying to me all this while on logistical issue when the actual fact is that the unit is no longer in production and they have nothing to replace for me? Hence, won’t Bragi’s actions to me count as deception, and that everything is a lie to keep us consumers waiting indefinitely?


Kristian, keeping customer informed on the progress is the basic of the customer service. Despite the replacement, I think this is the least you can do. The last email update from bragi support was one month ago.


…and there is at the moment no prominent mentioning on the homepage…


Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me here on Team Bragi!

As you might know, we confirm that the product business (The Dash Pro and The Headphone) has
been acquired by a 3rd party company which will carry on with the brand, product and customer support.

We’re currently working hard to ensure a smooth transition for all existing customers. Be sure that we’ll let you know once we have any updates for you :slight_smile:

Read the press release here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0078/8955/1475/files/20190402_Bragi_Smart_Headphones.pdf