Please implement a battery percent into the app!


I would love to see a more accurate way of seeing battery life left. As a percent would be the best way I can think of.
As a side note, my dash pro never glow yellow to indicate the 50%ish left spot. When charging I watch it turn from from red straight to green every time after just 5 min of charging. While using them, i look at the app and try to catch them turning yellow but never see it. I have seen it yellow in the app but still green when i take the dash out and shake em. I feel that the adjustment on when the different colors come on needs updating at the very least(unless this is a problem with just my unit)


I have spoke with 2 others using the pro that have the same charging light problem…or lack of charging lights. It would really be nice to have a percent left of charge even if it was just estimated


I’m not certain that the full range of lights ever actually worked for me on the dash 1.0. This is bound to be a software tweak at least for future release. Agreed a percentage bar or percentage audio feedback would be a boon


I’m surprised more people aren’t chiming in on this to request the battery percent in the app. Seemed like one of the most missing features for me and a few others I spoke with


I’ll add my 2¢, it would be great to have a battery percentage incorporated in the app. I’d also like to mention that Bragi customer service has been very responsive to me in the past.


It would be great if this will be possible. The Lights of the dash are to imprecise. But why not a battery :battery: Counter for the Widgets of iOS iPhone :calling:


It would be nice - to me the issue with the lights is, unless you’re near a reflective surface, you have to take them out to see these. Having an indicator in the app would be a more direct way to see this.


The dash always just blink blue when in your ears, this is just for looks and doesn’t seem to indicate a battery percent or anything else, other than that the dash are on and working. Pretty useless really. It would be nice if you could make them show the battery life when in your ears as a toggle setting…i usually just have that feature turned off i n the app tho
Have you noticed something different with your dash?


Don’t forget android…thats what I’m using…lol. would be very helpful indeed


Was really surprised to learn that there is NO battery indicator. Seems such a basic and essential feature. Can’t understand why this has been left out. Would like this to be P1 for Bragi on s/w update.


I agree, hopefully more will chime in so bragi will see it and make it a priority for the next update…hopefully in the near future, but I doubt it cause they have there hands full right now trying to ship out the dash pros to people that have been waiting for months. Also they are trying for this new thing the patch or whatever they call it…seems useless to me but to each there own…


I would’ve imagine that they have different group focussing on manufacturing, fulfilment and new features. But hey, who knows how they are dealing with this as, while I’m not too upset, am surprised at supply issues.


I’d love this. Or it would be great to integrate it into the 4d menu. Activate 4d, head all the way to the left tells you the battery charge level.


From what I’ve heard, there is only like 150 of them all together in the company. I found that hard to believe but I think that’s the number I saw on the forum somewhere


Whaaaat?!? Even my $10 Bluetooth earbud shows a little icon on the top right of my iPhonewih battery level. Srsly? These might have to go back to Best Buy!


Yeees ! Battery info with sound notification when connecting and in app pls !


Don’t know how long this feature has been there, but you can see exact battery % in the app under service > about the dash.


Are you using the Apple or Android app? I definitely don’t have that in the android version…


Ditto. I don’t have it in up to date android app either


I guess we are boned until the next update…:joy: