Play list not playing


Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me. I have just updated to Bos 3.01 and love the new features, I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with the upgrade but i can’t select my internal play list the only choice i get is all music and then it plays only music from playlist 1. i have removed and replaced the music onto the playlists with no change, any help greatly appreciated – Derek


Hey Derek. Have you accidentally renamed or changed the naming of the remaining playlist folders in the right dash (2,3 & 4)? something that might stop the dash from reading them?


I have the same issue!


Hey Derek, will check up on this in the office on Monday and get back to you.


found out yesterday that I can select my internal play list with head geastures. Does this mean that after enabling the head geastures in the Bragi app that I cannot use touch anymore?


Hey plid. Nope, head gesture is just an option- you can still use touch controls too. I like a combination of both. I swipe forward and backward now to cycle through playlists and confirm with a nod :slight_smile: