Pin charger broken, customer service not responsive


I got in touch with customer care on the 11th February 2019 because after less than 5 months of use one of the pins in the charger came off and it no longer charges one of the buds.
after some responses, customer service have started being extremely vague about any solution to my problem. They claimed that it would not be possible to send me a new case/charger (which is the solution they were suggesting to resolve my issue) because they were “in the middle of changing courier”. I asked several times for an estimated time for the matter to be addressed, however they NEVER EVER were willing to give any guidance. Only “we will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible”.

It is now clear that bragi’s customer service is run to minimise liabilities to the company, with a clear guidance by their legal department. Looking at the amount of complaints for poor care and for malfunctioning items, I am in no doubt that the company will be folded very soon.

I have now taken this up with the European Union’s online complaint service, but I am doubtful they will respond to even that.
I may never see my money (or my earbuds working) ever again, but we should make sure that everyone is aware of what an unreliable maker Bragi is.


Thanks for reaching out. May I have your Case ID? I would like to follow up on this issue!


Today I received a charger/case replacement, almost precisely one month after I opened the case with Bragi.

Had Bragi told me this was going to be the timeframe required, I would have probably complained but accepted it. Instead I had to ask again and again for what I believe to be a legal right several times, at points every day.

Am I happy to have the case that makes the device usable again? Yes.
Do I believe this standard of customer care is satisfactory? No.


I’m having the same issue, one of my ear buds are not charging due to a broken pin. Customer service JUST doesn’t care. I threatened to not ever buy another one of their products again, that didn’t phase them in the least. They said thanks for the support but, (essentially) sorry were ok with you never coming back.


Hi Robert!

Can I please have your Case ID so we can follow up on this case?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi