Parings iPhone 6s


Just got my Dash. I’m holding as instructed, but the sound paring is not showing and the iPhone is not finding the Dash…


Congratulations on a really neat purchase! :slight_smile:

Your iPhone won’t be able to connect to The Dash’s audio system if The Dash is not in pairing mode. Be careful to select The Dash (Pro) ## and not The Dash (Pro) ##X, as the latter is the BLE based sensor network on the left side and not the audio on the right.

Can you tell if the EarTouch interface (which is on the lower half only) on the right side is working properly otherwise? Making swiping and tapping sounds in response to same? When you tap and hold you should hear an ascending two note SoundIcon, eventually followed by a left and right panning sonar SoundIcon.

If The Dash isn’t making sounds when you swipe or tap it then the EarTouch interface might be faulty. Either way you should probably contact or the live chat that I keep reading is available at

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