Outside noise blocked by the custom fit ear gel


Can anyone tell me if the custom fit ear gels that comes with the Starkey seal out background noise. I use the Dash with a memory foam ear tip and 98% of the outside noise is blocked.


Hey Rob,

The ideal fit with Starkey is a complete seal such as the foam tips. From my experience it blocks out the same if not better than a Dash with foam tip setup.


I would love to add them to my Bragi family but for the price of $800 Canadian I will most definitely have to think on it.


There are no custom fit ear gels with the Starkey

the plastic shell is moulded to fir your ear

No rubber or gel sleeve

the ear seal is very good

Hope this helps


Thanks Marc I see. Not sure what to do now my Dash Pro left side has stopped charging and working. Might just wait a year or so for a 700$ pair of custom fit let the bugs get worked out


talk to Bragi about warranty.


New left side being shipped out. They were awesome jumped right on it.