OS upgrade to bluetooth 5.0


Any date for Dash Pro update ?


As this would be an hardware upgrade, I would only expect it for the release of the Dash Pro 2.

And concerning possible features for the next version… I have another time real problems with one pair of the first batch of the Dash Pro. I think it would be great to enhance the capabilities of the Charger. Plus having more possibilities for the user to intervene. Maybe in the form of having some advanced features of the updater in combination with the console? I hate so say it… but your updating procedure is really only appropriate for the typical iphone user. Low level access and the possibility to send hardware commands to each of the units would have prevented all of the support questions and sending back of the units to Munich. It simply costs all of us a lot of time. The implemented reset is simply not working. A device without removable battery really needs a possibility to reset implemented in hardware. And having decent log-files that could be send to the Bragi Support cannot be hard to implement…