Order canceled?


Just recieved my money for dash pro order back on my credit card today. With no further Information. Got it canceled??

What’s wrong? I Need information asap!


Hey Christian,

The order is still valid and in the system, we will take the money once it ships. What you might have seen is the authorisation on the card.


Thanks! Good News! :slight_smile:

The money was transfered and came back yesterday.


I am having the same issue and now I am freaking out because I tried to use another card and now I am worried that I will have two charges and no product.

Both card say PENDING , I called my bank and they said the charge went through but BRAGI sent me emails claiming the order was canceled.

My bank seems to think BRAGI is having POS issues on their end.

I will have to probably dispute one of the cards because of this.