Offline music help


Hi I’m still waiting for my Dash pro. When I get it can I transfer purchased digital music from Amazon? And if so how. I have it on my phone. I do own a windows pc. Will I be able to transfer the files only by usb as Well. Thanks


So I have my music on iTunes. Bragi is like mass storage device. You will see four folders under music that are named Playlist 1-4. Your music has to be converted to MP3 which you can under ITunes. Then select all the MP3 you want and copy them to one of the playlist folder. This is how I did it. If there is an easier way I would like to know. Hope this helps. I’m thinking you will need it on your PC to transfer otherwise you are streaming.


Thanks. All mine is purchased mp3 from Amazon. I have the Amazon download app on my pc. I will see what I can do. Wish I’d of kept some in CD form now. If not I guess I have to buy again on iTunes myself. Thanks for reply. When mine arrive ( held up in post I’m told) I’ll let you know how I get on.


Itune is a good media device where users are very interest in downloading music from the Itunes store. I had the same issue and I use USB Mass Storage Device which is suggested by Apple Support so you can try it for mass storage